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We represent many manufacturers of tannery and leather machinery from across the globe. We deal in both new, used machines and spare parts. Our main motto is to give the best after sales service through our network of Engineers who are all trained in respective manufacturing facilities in Europe capable of all installation procedures with production support and efficient training of the tannery personnel.

  • Gemata,Italy
  • Manufacturers of Roller Coating machines
    • Base Coating: High performance base coating on whole leathers (upholstery & automotive)
    • Advanced base coating and stucco coating on Soft Leathers
    • Base coating and stucco coating on whole leathers (upholstery & automotive)
    • Base coating and stucco coating on Soft Leathers
    • Sincro Coating: Design effects and Tipping, Resin and Glue application, hot and cold stuffing lacquer application.
    • Colour and Top coating both on smooth and embossed leathers
    • Splitting machines: Dry Splitting, Wetblue Splitting and Lime Splitting with feeding auxiliary
    • Machine to stack grain and split in separate position
    • Comstack: To stack hides at the exit of any type of through feed machine
    • Multisort: To stack hides at the exit of any type of through feed machine, selecting the hides according to quality
    • Spray Booths & Drying Tunnels
    • Foaming machines

  • Huni AG Process Controls, Switzerland
  • Manufacturers of Wooden & PPH Jumbo Drums for Tanning/Re-tanning/Liming/Dyeing & Automation.

  • Escomar Italia,Italy
  • Manufacturers of Vacuum Dryers and Thru Feed Sammying machines, Sammying Setting out machines, Re-Blading machines.

  • Aletti., Italy
  • Manufactures of Fleshing, Sammying, Shaving, Wet buffing, Setting out, Staking, Buffing, Dedusting, Polishing, complete range of Buffing machines.

  • GER Elettronica s.r.l, Italy
  • Manufactures of Electronic Surface Measuring machines for Leathers & Paint Economizers.

  • Bicsan., Turkey
  • Manufacturers of Shaving Knives.

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