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SAMIA, a leader in the production of pigment pastes and chemical products for leather finishing, is a global reference point in the tanning industry.

Efficiency, excellence and technology are the goals achieved over the years.

SAMIA has always focused on the research and development of environmentally friendly, low-impact products, in compliance with all regulations. This is possible thanks to a careful selection of raw materials and to the technological innovation of the company’s cuttingedge plants.

For some years now, SAMIA has launched the Leather Color System, a sophisticated computerized dosing system that allows accurate production of a wide range of colors. Connected to a spectrophotometer, the Leather Color System designs and makes any color relying on a standard fan deck of over 2300 shades, no longer on paper, but directly on leather.

Today, it is possible to quickly define the tone reproduction formula and to get between 100 grams and 5 kilograms of product right from a first sample - the further step is the industrialization of the color in the exact gradation required. A true revolution in the industry and added value that makes SAMIA an increasingly cutting-edge company. Quality, innovation and sustainability are the keys to SAMIA’s success

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